HSE Cyberattack Update June 2021

The HSE cyberattack impacts on NOCA work in multiple ways.
Area Impact
Prioritisation While we recognise that national clinical audits are important, direct patient care and restoration of systems supporting direct care takes priority over national clinical audit systems. We are working closely with the HSE to understand when national clinical audit systems can be restored.
Communication Email communication with the national clinical audit community has been affected. We are communicating through alternate means but recognise that there may be communication gaps.
Data Collection Collection of national clinical audit data has been impacted. Where possible, paper based data collection is under way for retrospective data entry when systems are restored. We recognise that data quality may be compromised with regard to completeness, timeliness and validation and will assess the impact at data analysis stage. We recognise that this is very challenging for those involved in data collection for national clinical audits and thank audit coordinators for their ongoing efforts.
System Development Where possible, systems development in testing environments continues for deployment when systems restoration allows.
Reporting Reporting to hospitals on audit outliers, data validation and measurement against standards is paused until systems are restored. Analysis for national reports continues for audits where NOCA received data before the cyberattack. Our publishing calendar will be updated as more information on access to data emerges.