Access To Audit Data

NOCA Information Governance Policy

NOCA’s approach to information governance is described in NOCA’s Information Governance Policy, which can be viewed here.

  • NOCA abides by the principle of sharing data appropriately. In addition to disseminating insights from the data under NOCA governance, NOCA endeavours to provide access to non-personal high-value datasets through our Data Access Policy and Ireland’s Open Data portal at

  • NOCA will not disclose information that could identify an individual except in relation to implant registers; then only to support an implant recall, or directly to an individual if a data subject access request is received.

  • All data access requests are logged and requestor details are stored

  • All data access requests are examined and assessed to determine if NOCA can respond

  • All data access requests are considered under the legal basis for the collection of that data

  • Depending on the type of data requested, before providing data NOCA may require the requestor to demonstrate that they have appropriate governance in place to manage that data.

To request access to data held by NOCA

For access requests made:

Please complete the Data Access Request form below.

For all other requests please contact us at

Published research
All research using NOCA data, or by NOCA authors can be found here.

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