Irish Potential Donor Audit

Commissioned by Organ Donation Transplant Ireland, the Irish Potential Donor Audit (IPDA) aims to ensure that every person who is approaching the end of life in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or an Emergency Department (ED) is offered the possibility of becoming an organ donor, where this is appropriate. The IPDA is now in national implementation. This follows the Potential Donor Audit Feasibility Study (NOCA, 2022) and Development Project Reports (NOCA 2023) which recommended implementation of the Potential Donor Audit in all acute hospitals with ICUs and / or EDs. The rollout marks a pivotal extension of the audit, previously piloted successfully in six hospitals, where organ donation nurse managers and clinical leads in organ donation pioneered the project.

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As the parent of /an organ donor I feel it is most important that potential donors always be identified, and their families given the opportunity of considering organ donation by being spoken to by an appropriately trained organ donation specialist.Although I was very aware of organ donation, at a time of such overwhelming anguish when our son was on life support, if we had not been approached and asked about donating our son’s organs, quite possibly we would not have thought of it. How disappointing and devastating that would be knowing the comfort organ donation gives, and the ongoing benefit, to a donor family'

Martina Goggin PPI Representative, Strange Boat Donor Foundation Founder