Benefits of PPI

This collaboration with PPI representatives provides real and substantial benefit to all of us. PPI representatives provide rich targeted feedback and real-life experience of healthcare. Working together we address practical issues relating to development and implementation of national clinical audit, focusing on meaningful healthcare outcomes for all of us. In summary, this work

  • Improves dialogue between healthcare professionals and the public

  • Enhances public trust in healthcare

  • Develops a truly shared understanding of development through to delivery of health services.

At NOCA we know working with patients, the public and advocacy organisations enhances the relevance and effectiveness of NOCA audits. These audits enable healthcare organisations such as hospitals to evaluate the service they provide and to improve patient experience and health outcomes. As the NOCA Clinical Director, I believe this is truly important, ensuring NOCA audits are relevant to all of us as health service users.

Dr Brian Creedon , Clinical Director, NOCA


How we work together

PPI work with NOCA includes national report development, policy development, the NOCA conference design and participation, development of Patient information leaflets, and much more.