Irish Hip Fracture Database

The Irish Hip Fracture Database (IHFD) is a clinically led, web-based audit which measures the care for all people over the age of 60 admitted to hospital with hip fractures, across the sixteen operating hospitals.

Key Findings

2022 Report

The latest IHFD report details 3,909 hip fracture cases in patients aged 60 years and over, discharged by 16 hospitals in 2022, which accounts for 94% of all hip fracture cases nationally.

Key Findings

2020 Report

Home continues to be the place patients are most likely to be admitted to hospital from with a hip fracture (85%). The average age of hip fracture patients is 81 years and over two-thirds (67%) are female.

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I recently joined NOCA as a patient representative for IHFD and having worked closely with older people over the last number of years, I greatly value and welcome the developments around hip fracture care in Ireland. The acknowledgement and commitment shown by IHFD to ensure the patients’ voice, their own experience and stories are included as part of the annual reporting process must be commended. So much learning can be taken from patient stories, both positive and negative, but this can also instigate change for the future.

Anne O’Shea Clarke PPI Representative, IHFD Governance Committee