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Quality at the fore for NOCA QI Champion Award & Poster Competition

The growing emphasis on and commitment to quality improvement in our healthcare system was clearly on show with submissions to the NOCA Quality Improvement Champion Award 2024. Four shortlisted projects were invited to present at the NOCA Annual Conference 2024, held in association with RCSI Charter Week on the 6th February 2024.

In addition to the Quality Improvement Champion Award, we were pleased to note 47 abstract submissions for the NOCA Poster Competition, which further enriched the diversity of topics and perspectives explored during the conference. This collective engagement reaffirms our shared commitment to continuous improvement and learning.

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Quality at the fore for NOCA QI Champion Award & Poster Competition Image

NOCA Quality Improvement Champion Award 2024

Out of 19 submissions received, four were invited by the Evaluation Committee to present their projects at the NOCA Annual Conference 2024.

The four projects were:

In a novel approach, the audience were invited to vote for their favourite project using an online, interactive poll.

The awards were announced before the Closing Address by Brigid Doherty, Patient & Public Interest Lead for NOCA and Professor Conor O'Keane, Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement with NOCA.

The winner of the NOCA Quality Improvement Champion Award 2024 was ‘Think Drink! – The Coloured Jug Hydration project’, from HSE Midlands Louth Meath Community Healthcare Organisation (MLMCHO) 8, presented by Ann Marie Burke, Nursing Practice Development Coordinator. Older people are particularly vulnerable to dehydration and the project aimed to tackle hydration rates in an older persons residential service. Orange 1 litre jugs of fresh fluid were given out in the mornings and once consumed, were replaced with a blue jug to indicate to staff that the resident was on their second 1 litre jug. This allowed staff to visually monitor residents fluid intake during the day which enabled them to support and encourage residents to stay hydrated. Coloured jugs are a small, low cost measure which can have a big impact on residents’ hydration status.

NOCA Poster Competition 2024

Of the 47 posters presented at the event, three were shortlisted. The winner of the NOCA Poster Competition 2024 was ‘Improving patient access to critical care at St James’s Hospital’ – lead authors Zieta O’Hagan, Michelle Pacturanan and Jamila Francis, ICU Audit Nurse Coordinators in St James’s Hospital.

The two highly commended posters were:

  • Skip the Dip for UTI in Over 65s Quality Improvement Initiative – lead authors Patricia Sheehan, Aisling Clancy, Mary Regan, Shirley Armitage, Callum Ryan, Mala Shah, Catherine Mannion, Olivia Gallagher, Roisin Foran, Margaret Donnelly and Nora Dwyer from HSE Community Health around Ireland

  • Is there a role for music therapy in the dental care of children with complex medical needs? – lead authors Alison Sweeney, Elizabeth Ellard and Eleanor McGovern from Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street

The record number of submissions from across the Irish healthcare system underscores the collective commitment to delivering positive change and improving healthcare quality. It is inspiring to witness the dedication and innovation demonstrated by our healthcare professionals.

We will be publishing a compilation of all submissions for both the NOCA Quality Improvement Champion Award 2024 and a booklet of abstracts for the NOCA Poster Competition on this page shortly.

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