Major Trauma Audit


Major Trauma Audit (MTA) is a patient safety initiative that aims to increase quality assurance and improvement initiatives in the area of patient trauma care, through the delivery of high-quality data. The ongoing care and outcome of critically ill patients requires a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, coordinated and integrated system approach — underpinning that approach is quality assurance enabled by quality data gathering.

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The Major Trauma Audit (MTA) is a clinically led audit established by the National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA) in 2013. This audit focuses on the care of the more severely injured trauma patients in our healthcare system.

2019-2020 Report 2019 Report


In 2019, I became a member of the Major Trauma Audit (MTA) Governance Committee as the Public and Patient Interest (PPI) Representative. In my role at Spinal Injuries Ireland (SII), I act as an advocate to support people in addressing issues encountered across a variety of health and social care settings. As a member of the MTA Governance Committee, I use my experience to contribute to this audit by highlighting aspects of the patient’s experience which are important for the patients and which can get overlooked when the focus is primarily on clinical outcomes.

Patient / Public Interest Representative, MTA Governance Committee