Irish National ICU Audit


The Irish National Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Audit is a quality and patient safety initiative that measures the quality of care in each ICU, benchmarking against international standards. Activity within the participating ICUs is carefully measured to help improve the standard of critical care within hospital groups and across the country.

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The 2018 Report has data on critical care patients from 18 Units in 15 hospitals - which between them undertake 70% of ICU activity in HSE-funded hospitals. Audit staff in each hospital collect the data and forward to the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) in London. ICNARC monitor the quality of the data, analyse it and report back to each Unit and NOCA on activity and quality of care.NOCA monitor these reports and liaise with hospitals regarding any ‘outlier’ findings that are not within the expected range. The aim is to ensure that patient care is optimised.

2018 report 2017 Report


As a former ICU patient, an advocate for improving ICU aftercare, and chairperson of ICUsteps Dublin, I welcome being public and patient (PPI) representative on the ICU audit governance committee. I trust that clinical audit will lead to improvements in clinical care and ultimately better outcomes for patients and I am fully committed to this process.

Ms Barbara Egan, Public / Patient Interest (PPI) Representative, Irish National ICU Audit Governance Committee

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