Irish National Audit of Stroke

The Irish National Audit of Stroke (INAS) is a clinicaly led quality audit which measures the quality of stroke care, as well as the structure of stroke services, provided to patients in all hospitals that admit acute stroke patients. Activity within the participating hospitals is measured against evidence based standards to help improve the standard of acute stroke care within Hospital Groups across the country.

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Key Findings

The INAS reports on patients aged 17 years and over who were treated in public hospitals that provide acute stroke care and that admit more than 25 stroke cases annually. In 2020, the audit evaluated data on 5,153 individuals.

2020 Report INAS Organisational Audit 2021


My name is Martin Quinn, and I am a stroke survivor. The stroke occurred while I was doing an interview on local radio and left me unable to answer the interviewer’s questions in a coherent manner. It resulted in me having to spend many months in rehabilitation before I regained my speech and the full use of my affected limbs. The life-changing incident left me with a desire to advocate on behalf of stroke survivors, and I have been very active with the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) in telling others about my experience and in advocating for better services for those living with the effects of stroke.I am passionate about the need for all patients with a stroke to have immediate access to a stroke unit and for them to remain there throughout their hospital stay. I, along with my colleague Dr Rónán Collins and Mr Chris Macey of the IHF, also highlighted to the Minister the need for a new stroke awareness campaign to increase awareness of stroke symptoms; speedy access to acute treatments such as thrombectomy; and availability of, and access to, the Early Supported Discharge service, which is an international model of best care for patients with a stroke. I am very pleased that these are included as some of the key recommendations in the Irish National Audit of Stroke (INAS) report for 2019. I am delighted to be a member of the INAS Governance Committee, representing and advocating for patient and public interests in stroke care.

Patient / Public Interest Representative, INAS Governance Committee