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NOCA manages national clinical audits that aim to improve patient care and outcomes. NOCA’s findings enable the healthcare system to act to improve care where standards are not followed.

NOCA enables the Irish healthcare system to continually improve its standards of care via maintenance of a portfolio of prioritized national clinical audits, standardised against national and international criteria. Not only do NOCA enhance accessibility to validated data for persons who use, manage and deliver healthcare, our clinical audits help to improve patient outcomes, and create positive change locally and nationally.

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Each NOCA audit focuses on a unique area of healthcare such as hip fracture, major trauma, hospital mortality, ICU care and joint replacements. Governance structures are established both in NOCA and locally in each hospital to oversee each audit’s management and sustainability. To make sure the audits capture the most accurate information, each one is led at a hospital level by clinicians and supported by their management teams.

NOCA manages and governs the largest programme of national clinical audits and registers in the Irish healthcare system. A process for the prioritisation and development of new national clinical audits and registers has been developed by NOCA, in conjunction with the HSE. This process also aligns to the prioritisation criteria set out by the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee in the Department of Health. The new process is expected to be launched in 2020 and expressions of interest will be invited at that time. To register for the call for expressions of interest, please email your details to auditinfo@noca.ie

NOCA seeks to be an independent voice through the use of reliable data and advocate for change at a national level. Current priorities include improving data quality, increasing public and patient involvement in our audits and introducing outcome measures to our audit tools. We are also advocating for a sustainable quality improvement culture within the Irish healthcare system.

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