NOCA Publication Calendar

The NOCA Publishing Calendar is updated on a regular basis, as and when publication dates are confirmed.

Updated 12 July 2024

Launch Date

1.Potential Donor Audit Development Project Supplementary Data Report 2023
14 May 2024
2.Irish Paediatric Critical Care Audit National Report 2021-2022
27 May 2024
3.Irish National ICU Audit Annual Report 2022
29 May 2024
4.Major Trauma Audit Report Focused on Older Adults 2017-2021
26 Jun 2024
5.Irish Hip Fracture Database National Report 2023
November 2024
6.Irish Heart Attack Audit National Report 2022-2023
November 2024
7.National Audit of Hospital Mortality Annual Report 2022-2023
December 2024
8.Irish Breast Implant Register Development Study Report
Q4 2024
9.National Paediatric Mortality Register Report
Q1 2025
10.Irish National ICU Audit Annual Report on 2023 data
Q1 2025
11.Irish National Audit of Stroke National Report 2023
March 2025
12.Irish National Orthopaedic Register Second Report
Q2 2025