Public & Patients Involved

At NOCA we recognise that public and patient interest (PPI) representatives and organisations representing their interests, should have opportunities to contribute to contribute to the development of NOCA audits, guidance, reports and conferences. PPI representatives are core members of the NOCA Governance Board and Audit Governance Committees.
We know that
- PPI representation at the NOCA Governance Board ensures that the strategic
direction of NOCA stays aligned to improving healthcare for all
- PPI representation enhances the planning, design and implementation of
NOCA audits
- NOCA clinical audits have a greater relevance for people directly affected by

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I have always been interested in healthcare and influencing change in this sector. As a PPI representative on the NOCA Board, I bring my experience and perspective to decision making. I feel welcomed and supported by my NOCA colleagues and that my views are valued. PPI involvement is becoming increasing beneficial for improving the quality of healthcare

Brigid Doherty, PPI Representative, NOCA Governance Board

A patient perspective.

Barbara Egan tells her story of being a former ICU patient and how being an active PPI rep has benefited her and many others through her work at NOCA and the ICU Steps programme. Barbara is a member of the ICU Audit (adult) Governance Committee

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How we work together

PPI work with NOCA includes national report development, policy development, the NOCA conference design and participation, development of Patient information leaflets, and much more.

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