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NOCA would like to show our appreciation to our healthcare staff who are working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19. Let's celebrate them for the people they are – not the masks they are wearing.

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#PeopleBehindthePPE Image

​In what are unprecedented times, our healthcare staff have been working tirelessly to ensure excellent patient care in the fight against COVID-19. We are celebrating the faces behind the masks, those on the frontline who show up to work every day to respond to this threat.

In an effort to show our gratitude and appreciation, NOCA is creating a photo montage of the #PeopleBehindthePPE. Photos received to date were displayed as part of the NOCA Webinar 2021, held on the 2nd February.

We are continuing this campaign for the month of February and invite healthcare staff to submit their photos. Photos can be headshots, selfies, full length, with PPE or without, whatever you are comfortable with sharing. In addition to your photo, please send us your name, role and hospital/healthcare setting. This allows us to see the diverse group of people submitting from right across our health service. These photos will be used on NOCA’s website, social media, NOCA publications and communications as part of the #PeopleBehindthePPE campaign.

Please note that, due to GDPR, if submitting a group photo, you must have written consent from all people in the photo in order to submit (available below). The signed consent states that the individuals contained in the photo give their consent to share their photograph with the National Office of Clinical Audit for the purposes of the #PeopleBehindthePPE campaign, which will be shared during the NOCA Webinar 2021, on social media, on our website and in NOCA publications. All group photos must observe social distancing.

[ Group photo Consent Form]( http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/noca-uploads/general/NOCA%5FPeople%5FBehind%5Fthe%5FPPE%5FConsent%5Fform.docx


Let us celebrate your hard work, send your photo to auditinfo@noca.ie

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