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Low falls continue to be the leading cause of major trauma in Ireland

The Major Trauma Audit National Report 2021 was launched via webinar on the 25th October 2023.

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Low falls continue to be the leading cause of major trauma in Ireland Image

Professor Conor Deasy, Clinical Lead for Major Trauma Audit (MTA) today launched the Major Trauma Audit National Report 2021 at a virtual meeting on the 25th October 2023.

With data coverage at 76% from 22 of the 26 participating hospitals, and 4,055 cases included for 2021, this report provides a comprehensive overview of major trauma cases in Ireland. The report illuminates the continued high incidence of low falls (falls less than 2m) at 62% of all major trauma cases.

The report also places an emphasis on the use of blood products in major trauma cases, with 4% of patients requiring blood products within the first 24 hours from 2017-2021. It highlights the importance of rapid access to blood products in enhancing patient outcomes, emphasising the critical role they play in major trauma care.

The MTA has consistently shown that injuries in the home, especially low falls, are the leading cause of major injuries. Making our homes as safe as possible is a public health message we will continue to promote. We have a very high-profile Road Safety Campaign in Ireland and now we need a similar Home Safety Campaign. As highlighted by the media, there is a national shortage in blood products, with demand outstripping supply. We are urging the public to support the ‘Give Blood’ campaign. Giving blood is not just a donation; it's a lifeline for major trauma patients, a gift of hope, and an act of compassion that can mean the difference between life and death.

Professor Conor Deasy, Clinical Lead, Major Trauma Audit


  • The average age of major trauma patients was 62 and 51% were aged 65 years and older.

  • The home was the most common place of injury at 55% of cases.

  • The percentage of road trauma is at 16%.

  • The overall percentage of major trauma patients received by a trauma team is extremely low, at 8% (down 1% from 2020).

  • As patients get older they are less likely to be pre-alerted (7% of 75–84 year olds vs 32% of 15–24 year olds), met by a trauma team (3% of 75–84 year olds vs 21% of 15–24 year olds) and received by a senior clinician (17% of 75–84 year olds vs 31% of 15–24 year olds).

Trauma Care in Ireland is undergoing transformational change. Major Trauma Centres (MTCs) have been designated and officially opened at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin and Cork University Hospital in June 2023. This is part a seven year implementation program to support Trauma Networks in Ireland; MTCs and Trauma Networks have been shown to reduce mortality and life-long disability for patients who sustain major trauma. The major trauma audit helps us ensure that services are designed to cater for the type and nature of trauma that presents to Irish hospitals.

Professor Conor Deasy, Clinical Lead, Major Trauma Audit

Webinar Recording


Click on the presentation title below to view speaker powerpoint presentation slides.

Speaker Presentation Title Prof Conor Deasy, Clinical Lead, Major Trauma Audit Major Trauma Audit National Report 2021 Dr David Menzies, Clinical Lead, Central Trauma Network The role of the National Ambulance Service in the Major Trauma Centre Annemarie Barnes, Audit Coordinator, Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore Hospital story of quality improvement for pre-alert Caitríona Begley, Rehabilitation Project Facilitator, National Office for Trauma Services Implementation of Rehab needs assessment and prescription within the MTC Barry Doyle, Director of Production and Hospital Services, IBTS Overview of Irish Blood Transfusion Service Einas Elsheikh, Locum Consultant Haematologist, IBTS Whole Blood Role in Trauma Dr Joan Fitzgerald, Consultant Haematologist, St Vincent's University Hospital Emergent blood provision – from the perspective of a hospital blood bank supporting a Major Trauma Unit & step up to the Major Trauma Centre Ms Stefania Costello, Researcher, Road Safety Authority Major trauma from road collisions over 2019-2020

[ National Report]( https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/noca-uploads/general/Major%5FTrauma%5FAudit%5FNational%5FReport%5F2021%5FFINAL.pdf


[ Summary Report]( https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/noca-uploads/general/Major%5FTrauma%5FAudit%5FSummary%5FReport%5F2021%5FFINAL.pdf


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