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Celebrating 10 years of the Irish Hip Fracture Database

The Irish Hip Fracture Database National Report 2022 was launched via webinar on Wednesday 29th November 2023.

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Celebrating 10 years of the Irish Hip Fracture Database Image

Mr Terence Murphy, Clinical Orthopaedic Lead for the Irish Hip Fracture Database (IHFD) launched the Irish Hip Fracture Database National Report 2022 at a virtual meeting.

With data coverage at 94% from 16 hospitals, and 3,909 cases included for 2022, this report provides a comprehensive overview of hip fracture cases in Ireland. It demonstrates the IHFD’s pivotal role in improving the patient’s care following a hip fracture with a move towards capturing patient outcomes beyond the acute episode of care. This is the tenth IHFD National Report which highlights a decade of advancements in hip fracture care for older adults in Ireland. This is even more relevant going forward as we know Ireland’s target population is projected to double in the next 20 years.

Hip fracture care in Ireland is a testament to the health service's ability and will to prioritise and enhance the well-being of our older adults. The Irish Hip Fracture Database has played a crucial role in shaping and improving this care, and the standards set by the audit have been instrumental in this progress. Emphasising the importance of early mobilisation, we have witnessed transformative outcomes for patients. It not only contributes to a shorter hospital stay but also enhances overall recovery, leading to improved outcomes. This underscores the pivotal role early mobilisation plays in further improving the standard of care for people recovering after hip fracture surgery.

Mr Terence Murphy, Clinical Orthopaedic, Irish Hip Fracture Database


  • 74% of patients received surgery within 48 hours of admission.

  • 78% of patients received a pre-operative nerve block for pain. This pain-management intervention reduces opioid reliance and improves pain control pre- and postoperatively.

  • 80% of patients received a specialist falls assessment.

  • 88% of patients received a bone health assessment.

  • 80% of patients were seen by a geriatrician or advanced nurse practitioner.

  • 86% of patients were mobilised by a physiotherapist on the day of surgery or the day after surgery.

  • 29% of patients were discharged directly home from hospital, an increase from 20% in 2018. This shift reflects improved orthogeriatric services, early mobilisation after surgery, and initiatives like early supported discharge pathways.

The IHFD clearly demonstrates that the synergies between evidence based standards of care, audit and feedback are key to improving and sustaining better, safer care for older adults. The report highlights positive strides in older adult care, with notable improvements in post-surgery mobilisation, pre-operative nerve block, and delirium screening.

Dr Emer Ahern, Clinical Orthogeriatric Lead, Irish Hip Fracture Database


Click on the presentation title below to view speaker PowerPoint presentation slides.

Speaker Presentation Title Mr Terence Murphy, IHFD Clinical Orthopaedic Lead & Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Launch of the Irish Hip Fracture Database National Report 2022 Dr Niamh O'Regan, Consultant Orthogeriatrician, University Hospital Waterford & Co-Chair IHFD Orthogeriatric Network Orthogeriatric Network Update Brid Diggin, ANP, University Hospital Kerry & Co-Chair Orthogeriatric Network Orthogeriatric Network Update: The role of the ANP Shanice Vallely, Health and Social Care Professions Representative, IHFD Governance Committee & Senior Physiotherapist, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Physiotherapy Network Update Dr Eimear Brannigan, Clinical Lead, AMRIC Consultant Infectious Diseases Surgical Site Surveillance Louise Brent, Irish Hip Fracture Database & Major Trauma Audit Manager & Dr Mary Walsh, HRB Post-Doctoral Fellow, HipForge 10 Years: Past, Present and Future Karol Byrne, Senior Physiotherapist, St Vincent's University Hospital Physiotherapy following hip fracture surgery - Improved outcomes following introduction of 7-day service

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