Major Trauma Audit National Report 2016

Major Trauma Audit highlights the need for change in the provision of trauma services in Ireland

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Key Findings

The MTA National Report focuses specifically on the most severely injured patients in the Irish healthcare system. It presents findings from MTA in 2016, and examines data from 4,426 patients across 26 trauma receiving hospitals in Ireland.

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Key Recommendations

  • Reconfiguration of trauma services is required to provide timely, appropriate and optimal care to major trauma patients to ensure the right patient is brought to the right hospital for the right treatment at the right time.
  • A national definition and a standard on what should constitute a trauma team and activation criteria for such a team are required.
  • Pre-hospital carers and emergency medicine professionals should exercise a high level of suspicion of major trauma in older patients with low-energy mechanism injuries. To support this approach to care: · Clinical assessment and triage tools should be adap
  • MTA is an NCEC-accredited audit and the participating hospitals must support the resourcing of data collection for this audit. Data completeness of at least 80% and data accreditation of 95% are required to ensure good data quality and reporting.
  • NOCA will work with the Healthcare Pricing Office, TARN and hospitals to adjust the annual hospital denominators to reflect accurately the level of completeness of individual hospitals’ data.
  • Functional and quality-of-life measures should be included in the future development of the audit.