Irish National Orthopaedic Register First Report

Irish National Orthopaedic Register First Report Image

NOCA has published the Irish National Orthopaedic Register (INOR) First Report. INOR reports on patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgery (also known as arthroplasty) in Ireland. This is the inaugural report from INOR and provides insights into patient characteristics, surgical information and outcomes of arthroplasty patients.

Key Findings

This report includes data that were gathered from the commencement of INOR on 1 December 2014 until 31 July 2019. This report comprises data from seven hospitals that were implemented in the INOR system at various time points during the reporting period. Over the course of the reporting period, INOR achieved a national coverage rate of 19% and 24% for hip and knee arthroplasty activity, respectively (public hospitals only). Private hospital implementation commenced after the end of the reporting period.

Key Recommendations

Recommendations for NOCA

NOCA will continue to support hospitals in order to ensure better data quality. NOCA will deliver more timely Data Validation Reports in order to ensure ongoing review of these data accuracy issues.

Recommendations for Hospitals/Clinicians

Hospital Irish National Orthopaedic Register (INOR) clinical leads and participating consultants are required to take responsibility for the quality of clinical information captured in INOR.

Recommendations for the HSE

All public patients who have hip or knee replacement surgery should be on INOR regardless of where the surgery takes place.