Irish Hip Fracture Database National Report 2019

Irish Hip Fracture Database National Report 2019 Image

The Irish Hip Fracture Database National Report 2019 includes data on 3,701 cases. The data provides detailed insight into the care, pathways, and outcomes of patients and allow each hospital to benchmark itself against comparable hospitals in Ireland and internationally.

Falls Prevention

Attention to the details in the house graphic can help prevent a fall.

Key Recommendations

  • Introduce a new IHFS for early mobilisation – measuring how many patients were mobilised by a physiotherapist on the day after their surgery.

  • Develop workshops to create a learning culture for quality improvement using the audit data.

  • Support hospitals to collect high levels of data until at least 2022, as they recover from COVID-19.

  • Implement processes for the collection of data of the patient’s recovery after they leave hospital.

  • Develop a research group for the IHFD, including Public and Patient Interest (PPI) representatives.

  • Conduct an organisational audit to look at resources, governance and quality improvement at hospital level in 2020.

  • Increase engagement with PPI representatives to:

    • raise awareness of topics such as falls prevention and frailty

    • create resources for patients

    • create opportunities for engagement around patient issues

  • The Health Service Executive (HSE), National Office for Trauma Services in collaboration with the Clinical Programme for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, will:

    • continue to implement a national hip fracture bypass for all hospitals

    • improve patient care pathways for hip fracture

  • Hospital Hip Fracture Governance Committees should continue to meet regularly and use the audit data to measure and improve their service

  • Focus on increasing compliance with the IHFS to attain the BPT.

  • Develop and resource a multidisciplinary orthogeriatric service

  • Prioritise the discharge of patients directly home from hospital where possible