NPEC What we measure

At present, there are three audits currently operated by NPEC.

Perinatal Mortality

The Perinatal Mortality in Ireland Annual Report 2016 is the sixth report of the national clinical audit on perinatal mortality in Ireland using the NPEC data collection tool and classification system. Anonymised data were reported by the 19 Irish maternity units on a total of 407 deaths arising from 64,133 births that occurred in 2016, of at least 500g birthweight and/or at least 24 weeks’ gestation.

Severe Maternal Morbidity

Severe Maternal Morbidity Report 2016 is the fifth report from the national audit of severe maternal morbidity (SMM) in Ireland. It reports on 406 cases of SMM that occurred in the 19 Irish maternity units in 2016. It also reports on findings from the first national audit of critical care in obstetrics in Ireland. Additionally, it presents findings from the Confidential Audit of Critical Care in Obstetrics in Ireland 2016. Fifteen of 19 Irish maternity units participated, including two large tertiary referral units and thirteen smaller units.

Vermont Oxford Network (VON)

The VON maintains a database of information on the care and outcomes for new-born infants and their families, collecting data from over 900 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) worldwide. NPEC participates in the VON’s Very Low Birth Weight Database, which collects information on infants born ≤1500g and/or ≤29 weeks. The Mortality Risk Amongst Very Low Birth Weight Infants in the Republic of Ireland Report 2014-2016 reports on 1,812 very low birth weight (VLBW) infants born in Ireland in the years 2014-2016, of which 1,765 are records from the infants’ hospital of birth. The report findings are based on the 1,765 infants with a record from their hospital of birth: 580 infants born in 2014, 608 born in 2015 and 577 born in 2016.