National Paediatric Mortality Register

The National Paediatric Mortality Register (NPMR) collects and analyses data relating to infant and paediatric (<16yrs) mortality in Ireland. The ultimate aim of the NPMR is to provide a national registry of all paediatric deaths, which will allow us to generate high-quality data and an evidence base to inform policy. A policy aimed at reducing the number of child deaths into the future.

Objectives Background

Benefits of NPMR

  • A national database which will provide accurate, validated and robust data to inform national policy.
  • Complete, standardised and timely data on mortality in the Irish paediatric population. The NPMR protocol identifies the causes of death and enables population trends to be tracked accurately in a timely manner
  • Indicators of national performance for comparison with international data.
  • Standardised data for validated comparisons between regions/age groups/causes.
  • Information identifying broader areas of concern requiring further attention and informing the agenda for further paediatriC audit and research.
  • Contribution to patient care improvement via clinical audit process. The NPMR will use quality measures that reflect the unique aspects of working with paediatric patients.
  • Information on autopsy rates, standards and quality relating to paediatric deaths.
  • Trends in accuracy and quality of cause of death registration details for paediatric deaths.
  • A resource for research studies of factors contributing to paediatric deaths.

    Health Professionals

    All cases of paediatric death should be reported to the NPMR. If you wish to notify the NPMR of a case, please email and a Child Death Notification form will be issued to you for completion.