NAHM Benefits

Ireland is a small island and we have very low patient numbers compared to our international counterparts. NAHM uses methodology to calculate outputs which allow for detection of small changes in numbers. NAHM Standardised Mortality Ratio (SMR) is a complex healthcare measure which is the ratio between patients who die in hospital and the number that would be expected to die in hospital based on the overall national rate for that condition.

NAHM is a web-based tool which allows hospitals to view their data at a local level all year around. Hospitals can drill down and examine a signal which is outside of expected ranges and to learn from it.

NAHM should assure patients and members of the public that hospitals are monitoring and responding to unusual signals which are outside of the national rate. NAHM publishes an annual report which contains hospital level data on six key diagnoses. This transparency fosters trust between patients and their hospitals. NAHM is committed to continued transparency in mortality data.