INOR Methodology

INOR is a joint patient safety project undertaken by NOCA and the HSE Office of the Chief Information Officer (OoCIO). NOCA has worked closely with the HSE to develop and build a solution that collects the data needed to introduce a national electronic joint replacement (arthroplasty) register. In collaboration with the HSE, NOCA identified information and communication technology (ICT) systems already in use. With further development and creation, these formed the custom INOR ICT Prototype.

The production of this prototype required an in-depth review of the international minimal dataset, to ensure INOR will be equivalent to global registers. The INOR system will also have the capacity to collect the INOR dataset feed from independent hospitals. To this end, INOR will capture the data it needs while ensuring as little disruption as possible to hospital business processes.

South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH) in Cork was identified as the development site for the rollout of INOR, which has been live there since May 2016. Rollout of INOR to the remaining 11 public elective orthopaedic hospitals is underway and scoping is underway for the inclusion of the private hospitals.