ICU-BIS Objectives

The primary objective of the ICU-BIS is to provide timely data for managing ICU capacity, bed availability, and facilitation of interhospital transfers so critically ill patients get access to intensive care beds in a timely manner to deliver the best patient outcomes.

The objectives are:

  • Provide timely data on ICU bed availability nationally for adult public hospitals, paediatric public hospitals, and private hospitals

  • Provide information to support surge (during increased demands e.g. during a pandemic or major disaster situations)

  • Report on ICU bed availability, occupancy, and utilisation

  • Improve communication between ICUs and provide up-to-date contact details

  • Capture data on patients being managed by the ICU team outside of the main ICU (off-unit management e.g. in ED, theatre areas)

  • Report on COVID-19 specific data (new COVID-confirmed admissions, discharges, deaths, and numbers invasively ventilated in ICU)

  • Disseminate the outputs from the data in a timely manner to all relevant stakeholders

  • Provide vital information to those modelling the future progress of the epidemic and guide Government decisions regarding public health measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.