NOCA facilitates national clinical audits — clinically-led, quality improvement processes that aim to improve patient care and outcomes through the systematic review of care against explicit criteria. NOCA’s findings enable the healthcare system to act to improve care where standards are not met.

NOCA enables the Irish healthcare system to continually improve its standards of care via maintenance of a portfolio of prioritized national clinical audits, standardised against national and international standards. By making reliable data available to those who use, manage and deliver healthcare, clinical audits help to refine Irish healthcare, improve patient outcomes, and achieve change at local and national level.

Definition of Clinical Audit

The Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance established by the Department of Health, defined clinical audit as: ‘a clinically led, quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through the systematic review of care against explicit criteria and to act to improve care when standards are not met’ (2008, p.152).

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Irish Heart Attack Audit

The Irish Heart Attack Audit (IHAA) is clinically led, collecting high quality…

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Irish Hip Fracture Database

The Irish Hip Fracture Database (IHFD) was set up to measure care for all…

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Irish National Audit of Stroke

The Irish National Audit of Stroke (INAS) is a clinically led quality audit which…

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Irish National ICU Audit

The Irish National Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Audit is a quality and patient…

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Irish National Orthopaedic Register

The Irish National Orthopaedic Register (INOR) aims to improve the quality of…

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Major Trauma Audit

Major Trauma Audit (MTA) is a patient safety initiative that aims to increase…

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National Audit of Hospital Mortality

In collaboration with the HSE Health Intelligence Unit, NOCA has worked to…

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National Paediatric Mortality Register

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National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre

The overall goal of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre (NPEC) is to…

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Potential Donor Audit Development Study

In May, 2022, the HSE Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland commissioned NOCA to…

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