A Message from the Chair

Mr Kenneth Mealy, Chair, NOCA Governance Board


NOCA is continuing on its journey to help transform the Irish healthcare system through national clinical audits.

The strategic direction of NOCA is based around the needs of the Irish healthcare system and focuses on the following goals:

  • Be the recognised and trusted body in Ireland to drive quality improvement through national clinical audit.

  • Develop a sustainable infrastructure for national clinical audit.

  • Enable those who deliver and manage healthcare to measure and improve the quality of care using national clinical audit.

  • Expand the national clinical audit portfolio.

  • Be a visible and innovative organisation.

NOCA will champion the use of national clinical audit data to support and drive improvements in clinical care and patient outcomes and we will ensure that we provide a service that is relevant to our stakeholders’ priorities.

Clinical audit and quality improvement are critically linked. Improvement in Healthcare, especially documented outcomes, depends on the cycle of quality improvement through audit and particularly on reliable data. Many NOCA audits have now well-established, reliable data on which quality improvement can be based.

NOCA will continue to work closely with the offices of the CCO and the National Director, Quality Improvement Team at the HSE to ensure that our audit portfolio develops and expands to meet the needs of our healthcare system.

We are passionate about the work we do and look forward to working with all our stakeholders to achieve our vision: Excellent healthcare for Ireland shaped by good information.